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Brazil - Foreigner Tourists - 2002

Embratur, the Brazilian Tourist Authority, conducts early surveys on how foreigner travellers liked Brazil. Below, the results of such survey for the year 2002.
The survey was named Estudo da Demanda Turistica Internacional 2002 (Study on International Tourist Demand), and is available in Portuguese only, in PDF format (452kB). Released to public knowledge in July 2003.

Introduction purposes of the survey
Methodology how the sample was selected

Summary of results this table brings a summarization of the results of the survey

Detailed results: comments on each of the surveyed items, including comparisons with previous years.
The tourists Profile of tourists visiting Brazil
The trips How they were planned and organized
Tourism Infrastructure What tourists complained most about

Profile of tourists, by nationalityAmericansArgentiniansBritishChileansFrenchGermansItaliansParaguayansPortugueseSpaniardsUruguayans

How tourists evaluated some Brazilian cities
Foz do IguacuSao PauloPorto AlegreFlorianopolisRio de JaneiroRecifeSalvadorFortaleza

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