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Tourists in Brazil - A Survey - Introduction

Creating a database about the tourism sector - to guideline the governmental policies and to support the decision making of the private sector - is one of actions of the strategic planning of Embratur; also, it's one of the programs considered essentials, for achievement of the goals set forth by the National Tourism Plan for the period 2003 - 2007.
To obtain information about the profile of the international touristic demand, Embratur conducts, every year, in the most important gateways of the country, a survey about international tourism.
The objectives of the survey are to identify the social-economic profile of tourists, their main reasonings and motivations to come to Brazil, and, as well, to identify some aspects of their trips, such as means of logding, expenses, period of staying and most visited cities.
A summary of the results , with an emphasis on the profile of the foreigner travellers to Brazil, is detailed by this report, and constitutes a tool for analysis and decision making by authorities, consultors, investors and the general public.
In short, this study has the goals to expand and update the database about the profile of tourist demand and to provide information which contribute for a better knowledge of the Brazilian tourism market and for the improvement of their products and services.

Read this summary of the profile of foreigner tourist in Brazil.

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