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Tourism infrastructure in Brazil

Below, the results of a survey about how foreigner travellers see the tourist infra-structure in Brazil. Read more about this survey about foreigner tourists in Brazil.

Embratur considers that the foreigner tourists had a good image of the tourist infrastructure, as the combination of "Excellent" and "Good" was above 50%.
The surveys showed that the aspects most criticized were Safety (10.3%), Cleanness of public places (10.2%), and tourist signalization (8.3%).
What tourists criticized
. 2001 2002
Safety 9.0% 10.3%
Cleanness of public places 12.1% 10.2%
Tourist signalization 15.8% 8.3%
Telecommunications 10.5% 7.4%
Public transportation 7.7% 5.1%
Taxis 5.8% 4.2%
Nightlife 3.2% 2.7%

Quality of food and standards of service were well regarded by tourists. Cleanness of restaurants and prices of plates generated more complaints.

Tourist Guides
The tourist guides had their quality of services and punctuality evaluated as "Excellent" or "Good" by more than 90% of travellers interviewed.
The availability and accuracy of touristic information was voted as "Excellent" or "Good" by over 80% of tourists.

Most people who left the country overland considered the quality of roads to be Good.
However, as described in the Methodology page, only gateways in the southern States were surveyed. The conditions of roads in those States is way above the average of the rest of the country.

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