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Area: 43,909 km2; Population: 14,391,282 (2000)
State of Rio:; Tourist Board
City of Rio:; RioTur
Important newspapers: O Globo; Jornal do Brasil
Map of Rio de Janeiro; How to get to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Notice that there is a Brazilian State called Rio de Janeiro, and also a city (capital of the State) called Rio de Janeiro.
Despite being one of the smallest in area, Rio de Janeiro is by the far the most known of Brazilian States abroad.

Important cities in Rio de Janeiro

Capital city: Rio de Janeiro.
Other cities: Niterói. Neighbour to the capital.
Paraty. Reminiscences of the colonial Brazil.
Búzios. Cosmopolitan beaches.
Petrópolis. The city of the Imperial family.
Angra dos Reis. Bay of the Kings.
Teresópolis. Mountain climate.
Cabo Frio. Cold water, good for diving.
Arraial do Cabo. This city is known as the scuba diving capital.
List of all cities in Rio de Janeiro.

Christ the Redeemer

Tourist Attractions and Events in Rio de Janeiro

Carnaval in Rio: the biggest event in Brazil


International Book Fair: the largest event of this kind in Brazil.

Sugar Loaf

Hotels in Rio de Janeiro

Hotels in cities of Rio de Janeiro
Hoteis no Rio de Janeiro (em português).

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