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Arraial do Cabo

Population: 23,877
Distance from Rio de Janeiro: 158 km (98 mi); So Paulo: 575 km (357 mi); Bzios: 41 km (25 mi); Cabo Frio: 14 km (9 mi)

Ilha Cabo FrioHaving being declared the capital city of scuba diving, the main attraction of Arraial do Cabo is the sea. Like Cabo Frio, the temperature of the water in Arraial is low, even during the summer.
The town itself, surrounded by hills and resembling a fishing village, has white dunes, sandbanks, lagoons, unspoiled beaches and beautiful headlands; from Pontal do Atalaia, one such headland, you can enjoy a wonderful coastal sunset.

Back in the primordes of Brazilian History, Arraial was covered with pau-brazil (brazilwood), a kind of three used to die fabrics. The wood attracted foreigner smugglers, notably Dutch and French; from those times, many shipwrecks remain: it is estimated that there are 88 wrecks in the area, an attractive to divers.
At Grande beach, stretching as far as the horizon in the direction of Saquarema beach, there is drift-net and you can indulge in a late-afternoon drink and a bite to eat in one of the bars and kiosks. For the more energetic travellers, there is scuba diving and a number of trails to explore, such as the one that leads to the old lighthouse.
The boat trips are also unforgettable, especially the one to the Azul grotto, which stops at the Pontal do Atalaia.

Arraial do Cabo - Ilha de Cabo Frio

Arraial do CaboThe island of Cabo Frio is surrounded by waters with good visibitily and rich in species of fishes and corals; the same streams which come from Antarctica and cool down the water brings nutrients which help marine life strive.
Besides diving, visitors also go to the old lighthouse (2 hour walking) and to the Gruta Azul (Blue Grotto), a cavern with walls 15 meter high which turns shades of blue when the sunlight comes in (access to the grotto only by boat, only during low tide).

Arraial do Cabo beachPonta da Jararaca. Visitors can find abundant marine life encrusting great blocks of rocks. The Teixeirnha, a ship which sank in 1923, can be seen scattered into chunks at various depths.
Porcos. Not for the inexperienced divers; depths can reach up to 40 meters (130 feet) close to the rocks.
Cordeiros. Shallow diving, from 6 to 10 meters (20 to 33 feet), in quiet waters; green sponges, sea horses and pink corals.
Ponta Leste. Exceptionally rich in marine life; rays, turtles, barracuda, yellowtail and mackerel, to name a few.
Camarinha. For experienced divers only, and even then only when the sea is calm and the visibility is good.
Dona Paula. The Brazilian Navy warship Dona Paula foundered here in 1827 while pursuing an Argentinean corsair. It offers a dive of between 5 and 15 meters (16 and 50 feet).

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