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Brazil Immigration Laws

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Law, decree and resolutions about the status of foreigners in Brazil
Visas There are several kinds of visas.
Immigration Visas Information for foreigners who want to live in Brazil

  • Family Visas
  • Professors and researchers with contracts
  • Participants of seminars and Students
  • Investor Visas
  • Retirement Visas

    The Law nr. 6.815 (full text, in Portuguese only), promulgated on Aug. 19th. 1980, determined the conditions for foreigners to visit, immigrate to and stay living in Brazil. The Law was further regulated by Decree nr. 86715/81, but no substantial amendments were made.

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    Law 6815 by articles:
    Articles 1 - 21 of the Law cover the several kinds of visas; visit the
    Visas page for more information.
    Articles 22 - 25: the formalities at entry
    Articles 26 - 27: situations when foreigners may be forbidden to enter the country, even if having a visa
    Articles 28 - 29: asylum
    Articles 30 - 33: registering. Holders of permanent, temporary, courtesy, official, diplomatic and asylum visas must register with Brazilian authorities and follow several formalities
    Articles 34 - 36: visa extensions
    Articles 37 - 42: visa upgrades - situations when a non-permanent visa can be upgraded to a permanent visa
    Articles 43 - 49: formalities regarding the register
    Articles 50 - 53: leaving from and returning to Brazil
    Articles 54 - 56: passports
    Articles 57 - 94: deportation, expulsion, extradition
    Articles 95 - 110: rights and duties of foreigners; several restrictions apply to foreigners, depending on the kind of visa. Also, some functions are forbidden for foreigners, regardless of any visa; check out art. 106 for commercial restrictions, and art. 107 for political restrictions
    Articles 111 - 124: naturalization
    Articles 125 - 128: infractions and penalities. Notice that according to art. 125, III, overstaying is punished with fine and possible deportation; notice, also, that some infractions lead to jail
    Articles 129 - 141: final dispositions. Article 129 creates a National Immigration Council. Article 130 authorizes the President to sign treaties, based on reciprocity, to establish the conditions for the issuing of visas

    The National Immigration Council created by force of the above law is the body responsible for regulating the issuing of visas; several normative resolutions were issued concerning especific cases of permanent visas; click the link to read all the resolutions about
    immigration to Brazil.
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