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Brazil - Visas

The Law nr. 6.815 (full text, in Portuguese only), promulgated on Aug. 19th. 1980, determined the conditions for foreigners to visit, immigrate to and stay living in Brazil.

The article 4 of the law reads:
"4. To foreigners who want to enter Brazilian territory, one of the visas may be granted:
I - transit;
II - tourist;
III - temporary;
IV - permanent;
V- courtesy;
VI - official;
VII - diplomatic.
Sole paragraph. The visa is individual and its granting may be extended to legal dependents, observed the article 7 of this Law."

Article 5 determines that further normatization will establish the requirements for each kind of Visa.
Article 6: the possession or property of assets in Brazil does not guarantee granting of any kind ov visa.
Article 7: persons to whom a visa will NOT be granted: I) minors than 18 years old (unless he is accompanied into Brazil by parents or tutor, or if parents or tutor give express permission to travel alone); II) person considered dangerous to national interests; III) persons previously expelled from Brazil; IV) person condemned or prosecuted in other countries by crimes subject to extradition according to Brazilian legislation; V) person who do not meet the health requirements determined by the Ministry of Health.

Transit Visa
Article 8: A transit visa may be granted to foreigners who, to reach their destiny countries, must pass through Brazilian territory.
1. Transit visas are valid for a stay of up to ten days, non-extendable, and only one entry
2. A transiv visa will not be required if the foreigners are in a continuous trip, which is interrupted only for mandatory stop overs of the means of transportation utilized

Tourist Visas
According to articles 9 - 11, a tourist visa must be obtained by foreigners coming to Brazil for recreation or visitation; paid activies are forbidden. Notice: visitors in business trips must have a temporary visa (see below)
The maximum extent of the tourist visa is 90 days (art. 12), which may be extended by another 90 days (art. 35)
Article 10 stipulates that the Brazilian policy will be based on reciprocity: the more requirements a country imposes to issue visas to Brazilian tourists, the more requirements a national of that country will have to meet to obtain a Brazilian tourist visa.
So being, the granting of tourist visas will be on a country by country basis.
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Home > Tourism > Visas for more information on tourism visas.

Temporary Visas
This kind of visa is issued to foreigners who come to Brazil: a)on a cultural trip or in a learning mission; b)for business purposes; c)as an artist or as an sportsperson; d)as a student; e)as correspondent of newspapers, magazines or other news agency.
For businesses or artistic/sports events, the visa will allow staying of up to 90 days; in the other cases, the period of the visa will depend on the duration of the object of the visit. The visas may be extended; check out articles 34 - 36 for especific cases.
In some situations, the approval of the Ministry of Labor may be necessary for the granting of the visa.

Permanent Visas
This visa is necessary for foreigners who want to live in Brazil.
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Immigration section for more information about this matter.

Courtesy, official and diplomatic visas
The regulation about these visas will be done by the Ministry of Foreigner Relations.

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