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Travel to Brazil - Visa information

This page is about tourist visas. To read more about all kinds of visas, as well as the legislation about this matter, go to this section: Home > Government > Laws > Immigration.
The Visa regulations is based much on reciprocity; foreigners wishing to visit Brazil are submitted to the same restrictions as Brazilians wishing to visit the country of origin; so, there is not an uniform Visa regulation.
Of course, the best source of information about Visas is the Brazilian diplomatic representation in your country; check out this page which lists all the
Brazilian missions abroad (official listing, by the Brazilian Foreign Affair Ministry).

Jan. 2004 - Reciprocity causes stress between Brazil and USA
The US government is submitting citizens from several nations, including Brazil, to having a picture and a fingerpring captured on arrival to the country.
Based on reciprocity, a Brazilian judge determined that all Americans arriving in Brazil should have the same treatment; abiding by the sentence, the Federal Police started to take photos and manually take fingerprints of all American citizens; delays of up to eight hours were observed in the first days that the new procedures were implemented.
The Federal Government, including President Lula, are trying to reach an agreement with the American government to eliminate the necessity of Visas for both citizens. Meanwhile, the identification process is still in force, even if with faster methods, which whortened the whole process to just a couple of minutes.

Some sites provide assistance with visas; check out this link for more information about how to obtain a Brazil visa.

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