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Brazil - Immigration Visas

The Resolution nr. 36 (PDF file - in Portuguese only) established the conditions for the issuing of visas for family meeting purposes.
Article 1: a temporary or permanent visa may be issued to legal dependents of a)Brazilian citizens or b)foreigner citizens older than 21 years living permanently or temporarily in Brazil
Article 2 lists the legal dependents: a) son or daughter under 21 years of age; b)ascendents (parents, grandparents, etc), provided that the descendent living in Brazil is in need of assistance; c)brothers, sisters, grandsons, granddaughters (some restrictions apply); d)wife or husband of Brazilian citizen; e) wife or husband of foreigners living in Brazil
Article 7: a permanent visa may be issued to foreigners who have a Brazilian child living under his/her guarding and under his/her economomic dependancy
Article 8: in the cases mentioned in this Resolution, the Ministry of Justice may issue the permanent visa to foreigners already in the country, provided that the foreigner is in a legal situation

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