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Brazil - Immigration Visas - Students

The Resolution nr. 16 (PDF file - in Portuguese only) establishes conditions for the issuing of visas to some categories of professors and students.
Article 1: Scientists, professors and researchers coming to Brazil for participation in conferences, seminars of meetings, provided they are not paid when in Brazil (expenses reimbersement are allowed), must apply for a tourist visa.
Article 2: Professors coming in Missions of Studying, or Scientific Technologic Cooperation programmes, without a contract, with a staying of less than two years, must apply for a temporary visa (for the case of professors coming with a contract, check out
this page). The foreigner professor may receive pro-labore for a period of up to ninety days, or receive scholarships from officially recognized entities.
Article 3: Students coming for any graduation or post-graduation courses, with or without scholarships, must apply for a temporary visa. If the student doesn't have a scholarship, he/she must proof capacity to support himself/herself during the staying.

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