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Lula Government

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Brazilian football team to play in Haiti Aug.18th.2004 - An unusual way to promote peace
Signs of rebound in Economy July.15th.2004 - Indicators show a recovery of Economy
Lula to visit China May.21st.2004 - Searching for business opportunities
Lula´s tippling becomes national concern May.10th.2004 - Report published by the New York Times
Lula defines new minimum wage April.29th.2004 - Minimum wage is raised to R$ 260 (about US$ 90)
Lula's popularity down March.27th.2004 - Results of poll show that approval rates are decreasing
Government is paralyzed, opposition says March.25th.2004 - Because it is employing all their efforts on the Waldomiro affair, the administration would be paralyzed
The Brazilian Economy in 2003 Feb.27th 2004 - Official figures about the Economy in 2003, the first year of Government Lula
Corruption envolving government staff member Feb.13th 2004 - Member of government is caught on tape negotiating dirty money
First privatization of the Lula era Feb.11th 2004 - After criticizing for years the privatizations conducted by the former government, Lula starts privatization
Lula, first year Dec.17th 2003 - A balance of the first year, by

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