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Brazilian team to play in Haiti

Information about football in Brazil and the Brazilian football team.

History of Brazil in the World Cups

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The Brazilian national football team is to play in Haiti, on August 18th 2004.
Brazil is leading the UN Peace Troops in Haiti; in an attempt to halt conflicts in that country, the Brazilian team will play against the national Haiti team.
President Lula and the Brazilian diplomatic staff had direct influence on the realization of the match; President Lula will attend the match in person; neither CBF nor the players will have any financial compensation for the event.
Brazil will go with their best players available; for
America Cup 2004, many of the most famous players were saved; in Haiti, Brazil will line up with, among others, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Adriano.
There are concerns about safety, not because of hostilities against Brazilians, but because the stadium where the match will be held won´t be large enough for the huge expected audience.

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