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Survey on Lula´s popularity

Results of a poll released yesterday show a sharp decline in the popularity of Lula and his government.
People who declare approval of the government are 54% now, down from 66% last December. People who declare disapproval are 39% now, were 25% in December.
Personal approval of President Lula was 80% in 2003, dropped to 69% last December and is 60% now. Disapproval was 26% in December, it's 36% now. The President is still more popular than his government.
For the first time, the people who say that Brazil is going the wrong way (46%) outnumbers those who think that the country is going the right way (40%); in December, figures were 48% and 36%, respectively.
Reasons for the loss of popularity, according to analysts: the behavior of the government towards the Waldomiro affair and the high, persistent unemployment rates.

Original article by O Globo (in Portuguese. Quick registration required)

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