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Arriving to Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

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Map of Rio Grande do Norte
Map of Transportation in Rio Grande do Norte Roads, ports, airports. Notice that some links are clickeable.
Conditions of federal roads in Rio Grande do Norte. Updated info. Click on the name of the road (e.g. BR-304) to read details about it.

Buses: the main bus station of Natal is
Rodoviária de Natal
Address: Av. Capitão Mor Golveia, 1237 - Cidade da Esperança
Tel.: (84) 205-4377
Buses to all major cities in northeast. Distances: João Pessoa: 180 km; Recife: 288 km; Fortaleza: 533 km; Mossoró: 280 km.
Check out these bus companies:
Viação Nordeste from Natal to João Pessoa, Mossoró and Fortaleza
Viação Progresso from Natal to Recife and São Luís
São Geraldo from Natal to Maceió, Aracaju, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

The only major airport in the State of Rio Grande do Norte is Aeroporto Augusto Severo, in Parnamirim, about 18 km from downtown Natal. During the World War II, the airport was used by the Allied Forces, to support forces in the North of Africa. In 2000, the aiport was completely refurbished, becoming of the most modern in Brazil today.
Natal is not a major hub. Even though there are a few direct flights to Natal from other major capitals, many flights have a connection in Recife or Salvador.

there are two ports in the State, one in Natal and other in Areia Branca.
The port of Areia Branca is an artificial island, built to export the production of salt of the State. The Port of Natal was built on the river Potengi, a few hundreds meters away from the Ocean; currently, the port is used for trading purposes. Read more info about these ports at the web site of Codern, the company created by the government of Rio Grande do Norte to maintain them.