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In Portuguese: Hoteis em Teresópolis.

Dedo de DeusMost hotels in Teresópolis take advantage of the proximity with the forests; several of them are so called farm hotels.

Rosa dos Ventos Hotel. Situated between Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo, this hotel combines comfort and country life. There is a cellar with a good selection of wines, which go well with the foundues.

Pousada Urikana. This inn nests on a plateau of Serra dos Órgãos mountains, 3281 ft above sea level, in an area with private woods where guests can hike trails.

Bromélia Sabiá. Bromélia is a kind of flower typical from the region, whereas sabiá is a kind of singing bird. Five rooms only, with pool and sauna. Children under 14 not allowed.

Toca Terê. Eleven chalets, five of which with ofuros (Japanese style bathtub) overlooking the forest. The path between the chalets and the restaurant cross suspended bridges and rocks.

Village Le Canton. A little distant from downtown, on the way to Nova Friburgo. Spacious gardens, where guests can practice grass sky and play giant chess.

Farm Hotel Jecava. Large, fourty rooms. Guests can swim in the natural lake, or go on horseback to observe the cattle.

Hotel Holandês. Dutch Hotel. Affordable prices.

Pousada Chamonix.

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