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Hotels in Angra dos Reis

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Angra dos Reis Blue Tree Park Angra dos Reis. This hotel has the most complete leisure equipment and facilities on the Rio Santos highway, including kayaks, water skiing and multipurpose sports courts. There is a team to entertain the children.

Hotel do Frade and Golf Resort. This large leisure complex offers water sports opportunities, such as water skiing and motorboat, and outdoor entertainment, including horseback riding and horse-drawn carts. Rooms on the ground floor open onto the beach, while the more private digs upstairs have small balconies. The golf course has 18 holes and instructors for novice players.

Pestana Angra. One of the most sophisticated resorts in Angra dos Reis, this hotel is unique. Its greenery enveloped bungalow have ocean views and offer privacy in a romantic setting. Many guests arrive by helicopter.

Portogalo Suites. Inside a condo.

Pousada Milagres. This is one of the many hotels and inns which exist along the Estrada do Contorno. This road follows along the shore; the road is narrow and sinous, and in some stretches there is passage for only one car.

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