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Hotels in Porto Seguro, Bahia

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»All hotels in Porto Seguro. Read more information and book accommodation online in Porto Seguro.

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Brisa da Praia. Beach Breeze. In this modern bulding facing the beach, the large glassed-in areas let in natural light and affor a nagnificent view of the ocean. The corridors are roofed with transparent material.

La Torre. Located 30 meters (100 feet) from the beach, this congenial inn has a small internal garden, a small flowing lake and discreet decoration in the rooms.

Porto Seguro Praia Hotel. This hotel has a beautiful 12-acre wooded area and gardens on the avenue that runs along the beach.

Vela Branca Resort. Situated on the upper city, near the historical site, with a magnificent view of the coastline and the town, this resort has great services and leisure services. Accomodations are available in rooms, duplex rooms, or suites with 2 or 3 rooms.

Hotel Arcobaleno. On the avenue alongside the beach, this hotel has a high standard of service and facilities. The common area in the front blocks the nooise and music from the Axé Moi beach kiosk nearby. The rooms are distributed in seven blocks, which are painted in rainbow colors. The rooms and suites are large and have balconies and bathtubs.

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