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Universities in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Below, a list of universities and other superior learning institutions in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

Public Universities

UFRN - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte. The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in Natal.
ESAM - Escola Superior de Agricultura de Mossoró. Federal institution. Agronomy and related courses only. Situated in Mossoró, near the border between Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará.
UERN - State University of Rio Grande do Norte. Campi in Natal, Apodi, Macau, Alexandria, Areia Branca, João Câmara, Parnamirim, São Miguel, Touros and Umarizal.

Private Institutions

UNP - Universidade Potiguar. Large university, several campi in Natal.
FAL Natal. Faculty of Natal. Human Sciences only.
Faculty for Development of Rio Grande do Norte. Maintained by Liga do Ensino, an institution which had a pioneer role in promoting learning for women, early last century.

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