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Universities in Pará, Brazil

Below, a list of universities and other superior learning institutions in the State of Pará, Brazil.

Public Universities

Universidade Federal do Pará. The Federal University of Pará, in Belém.
Universidade Estadual do Pará. State University. Seventeen campi in several cities of Pará, including Belém, Paragominas, Conceição do Araguaia, Marabá, Altamira, Santarém, Tucuruí and Moju, among others.
Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia. Rural courses (Agronomy, Veterinary, Zootechny, Forests Engineering, Fishing Engineering). Until 2002, this institution was called Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias do Pará.

Private Institutions

Universidade da Amazônia. University of the Amazon; despite the name, it doesn´t have any connection with official organizations.
Faculdade do Pará. Faculty of Pará. Few courses.
Faculdades Integradas do Tapajós. Situated in the city of Santarém.
Faetam. Faculty of Theology in the Amazon.
Faculdade de Itaituba. Faculty of the city of Itaituba; courses of Administration, History and Pedagogy.

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