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flag of Pará
Flag of Pará
map of Pará, Brazil
Map of Pará

Capital: Belém
Area: 1,253,164 km2
Important cities: Santarém, Marabá, Altamira (the largest municipality in Brazil; Altamira is bigger than several Brazilian states and bigger than many countries), Castanhal
Climate in Belem, Para

Do not confuse the state of Pará(PA) with southern Paraná(PR).
The name Pará means "river" in an indian language. The name of the capital, Belém, is the Portuguese for Bethlehem, the city where Jesus Christ was born.
Pará is one the biggest Brazilian States. Because of the jungle, which covers most of the State, it is still very underpopulated. Attempts to promote industrial progress have failed in the past (see Economy below).
Today, the main concerns about Pará regard ways to combine the exploration of the huge natural resources (both minerals and from the jungle) with means to preserve the forest. Conflicts among ecologists, indians and economic agents (both legal, like the corporations which explore minerals, and illegal, like the smugglers of timber) are often in the headlines of national newspapers.

Physical Geography Pará is hot and humid

History Indians were always important in the History of Pará

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Economy and Infrastructure Pará has some of the largest mineral reserves in the world

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