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Universities in Ceará, Brazil

Below, a list of universities and faculties in the State of Ceará, Brazil.

Public Universities

UFC - Universidade Federal do Ceará. Federal University of Ceará, with three campi in Fortaleza.
UECE - Universidade Estadual do Ceará. State University; several campi in the capital Fortaleza and others in interior cities, such as Quixadá, Crateús, Iguatu, Itapipoca and Inhamuns.
UVA - Universidade Vale do Acaraú. Main campus is in the city of Sobral, but a few other advanced campi in other cities, most in the semi-arid part of Ceará: Camocim, Canindé, Nova Russas.
Universidade Regional do Cariri. One of the three State Universities of Ceará. Campi in the southern part of the State, cities of Crato, Juazeiro do Norte and Santna do Cariri.

Private Institutions

UNIFOR - Universidade de Fortaleza. Despite the name, Universityof Fortaleza, this is a private institution.
Faculdades Integradas do Ceará. Also known as Sociedade de Ensino Superior do Ceará - SESCE. Founded in 1996.
Faculdade do Nordeste.
Faculdade Farias Brito. In Fortaleza. Courses of Administration, Computer Science and Laws.

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