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Area: 146,348 km2 ; Population: 7,430,661 (2000)
Official website:
Important newspapers: Diário do Nordeste; O Povo
Map of Ceará; How to get to Ceará

Ceará and Fortaleza, Brazil

The State of Ceará is almost entirely covered by the Polygon of Drought, an area with semi-arid climate (high temperatures, rains scarce and irregular) and dispersed vegetation; the capital city, Fortaleza, is in the wettest part of the State, but even so it´s one of the Brazilian capitals with lowest annual pluviosity levels.

Important cities in Ceará

Fortaleza, Ceara

Capital city: Fortaleza.
List of all cities in Ceara.

Tourist Attractions and Events in Ceará

Beaches of Ceará: some of the best beaches in Brazil


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