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The number of caps and number of goals mentioned below are as of May 15th 2006, when the Brazilian roster was announced.
The number after Caps represent the number of times the player was rostered, and, between parenthesis, the number of times he actually played.

Cicinho Full name: Cicero Joao Cezare
Date of birth: June 24th 1980
Place of birth: Pradópolis, São Paulo
Position: left-wing-defense
Height: 1.69 m
Clubs and teams: Botafogo-SP, Atlético-MG, Botafogo-RJ, São Paulo FC and Real Madrid (Spain)
Caps: 14 (10)
Goals scored: 1
World Cups: none
Titles won: Confederations Cup (2005)

Cicinho means small Cicero.
Padre Cicero (Priest Cicero) was a religious who used to minister for the poor in the hinterlands of Ceará. Many people (including Cicinho's mother) consider him to be a Saint.
Also, Cicinho was named João because he was born on June 24th, Saint John's day.
Cicinho's mother lost a son on birth, before Cicinho. When she was expecting Cicinho, doctors told her it was a risky pregnancy. When Cicinho was born, healthy, his mother paid a tribute to Cicero and John.

Cafu was injured, and Cicinho was principal in the Confederations Cup 2005, in Germany. Many say that Cicinho should be principal in the World Cup, rather than Cafu.
At this interview, Cicinho's partners reveal that he is considered the David Beckham of Pradópolis, his home town, because of his vanity and metrossexual habits.

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