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The number of caps and number of goals mentioned below are as of May 15th 2006, when the Brazilian roster was announced.
The number after Caps represent the number of times the player was rostered, and, between parenthesis, the number of times he actually played.
Place of birth refers to city and State.
The titles won refer only to the titles with the Brazilian team.

cafu Full name: Marcos Evangelista de Moraes
Date of birth: June 7th 1970 (that same day, Brazil won England by 1 x 0 in the 1970 World Cup)
Place of birth: city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo
Position: Right wing defender
Height: 1.76 m
Clubs and teams: São Paulo FC, Zaragoza (Spain), Juventude, Palmeiras, Roma (Italy) and Milan (Italy)
Caps: 182 (144)
Goals scored: 5
World Cups: 1994, 1998 and 2002
Titles won: World Cups (1994 and 2002), America Cups (1997 and 1999) and Confederations Cup (1997)

Cafu is the oldest Brazilian player in Germany (the youngest one is Robinho).
Cafu is the only player in the World to have participated in three final matches of World Cups: in 1994, he replaced Jorginho in the final against Italy; he was also present in the finals against France in 1998 and Germany in 2002. Since 2002, he has been captain of the team.
Cafu is the player with most caps in the Brazilian team (144). Cafu, Pelé and goalkeeper Leão are the only ones to participate in four World Cups. With 17 matches in World Cups, he needs only two more to overcome Dunga and Taffarel and become the Brazilian who played most World Cup matches.

In 2002, at the time of raising the trophy, the world read the inscription "100% Vila Irene" in Cafu's shirt. Vila Irene is the district where Cafu was born and raised, and is one of the poorest districts in São Paulo. Cafu founded and is maintainer of Fundação Cafu, a foundation with the purpose of "execute programmes to foment social inclusion in the community of Vila Irene and neighbourhoods".

Cafu was always known as the strongest slungs in Brazil, but time is claiming its toll. At age 36, and having the competition of Cicinho, many say that Cafu should go to bench.

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