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The number of caps and number of goals mentioned below are as of May 15th 2006, when the Brazilian roster was announced.
The number after Caps represent the number of times the player was rostered, and, between parenthesis, the number of times he actually played.

Robinho Full name: Róbson de Souza
Date of birth: January 25th 1984
Place of birth: São Vicente, São Paulo
Position: center-forward
Height: 1.72 m
Clubs and teams: Santos and Real Madrid (Spain)
Caps: 22 (18)
Goals scored: 5
World Cups: none
Titles won: none

Robinho is the youngest of all Brazilian players in the Cup, but already one of the most famous.
In Brazil, Robinho played in Santos, and from the beginning was observed and praised by Pelé.
Robinho, like some fellows (for example, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho), started in the indoor football; because the ball is heavier and the court is small, playing indoor demands much more ability than playing in the field (where speed, positioning, force, etc may be as important as pure ability).
In 2000, he debuted as a professional in Santos. He helped the team become Brazilian champion in 2002 and 2004. On July 13th 2003, he played the first match with the Brazilian national team, against Mexico.
In 2005, after his mother was kidnapped in Brazil (and released after two months, upon ransom payment), he moved to Real Madrid.
Coach Parreira has the problem of filling four positions with five players: Kaká, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano and Robinho. At least in the beginning, he will leave Robinho out, but things may change during the Cup.

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