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Rio Grande do Norte - Geography

The geographycal profile of the State is composed of two morphologic areas: the Serra da Borborema, a mountain chain which starts in Minas Gerais and cuts through Bahia, Alagoas, Pernambuco and Paraíba, before reaching Rio Grande do Norte; and the low lands, which cover all the remaining area of the State.
In the other States, the Borborema is a physical separation between the humid littoral and the arid sertão; the presence of Borborema creates a transition zone, called agreste, where climate and vegetation have mixed features of the extremes. In Rio Grande do Norte, the Borborema doesn´t go all the way across (it goes past the border with Paraíba, but doesn´t reach the Atlantic); this fact causes that, differently from most States in northeast, the profile littoral-agreste-sertão is not present in Rio Grande do Norte (read more about geography of Pernambuco).
To be continued.

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