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flag of Ceará
Flag of Ceará
map of Ceará, Brazil
Map of Ceará

Capital: Fortaleza
Area: 146,348 km2
Important cities: Juazeiro do Norte, Crato, Sobral
Economy: agriculture, cattle, tourism

Climate in Fortaleza, Ceara

The Dutch built a fortress, which they called Schoonenborch, by the river Pajeú; in 1654, the Portuguese took over the fortress, whose name was changed to Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora de Asunção (Fortaleza is the Portuguese word for fortress).
The state was part of the capitany of Pernambuco, from which it was dismembered in 1799; the province/state participated actively in the Independence, abolitionist and Republican movements.
Fortaleza is today one of the most modern cities in Brazil; the city and the state have been benefiting from years of continuity in administration (the same party has won successive elections for over one decade now). Fortaleza assumed its touristic potencial, and today much of the business evolves around tourism; the city gets crowded during high season.

Physical Geography Ceará is in the Zone of Drought

History Drought caused many cearenses to migrate

Ceará Travel information Culture and tourism atttractions of Ceará, Fortaleza and other cities.

Economy Cattle and recent modernization

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