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flag of Amapá
Flag of Amapá
map of Amapa, Brazil
Map of Amapá

Capital: Macapá
Area: 143,453 km2
Important cities: Santana
Economy: manganes, lumber, castanha-do-pará

The northernmost point of Brazil is the Oiapoque, in the north of Amapá.
It´s one of the least populated States in Brazil; the long distances made economic development difficult. On the other hand, the part of the Amazon forest which covers the State is one of the most preserved.
Because of the privileged position (it´s one of the points in South America closest to Europe), this area was disputed by Portuguese, British, Dutch and French; several diplomatic missions were necessary to settle the definitive borders between Brazil and Guyana.
In the first half of 20th century, very large reservoirs of manganese were found in Amapa; the exploration of this mineral is still the main economic activity of the State.

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