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Macapá, capital city of Amapá, Brazil

Area: 6407 km2
Population: 318.761 inhabitants (estimative 2003)

Being part of Amazonia, the capital of Amapá is a stopping off point for migrating birds, which join the local flamingos, toucans, ibises, sea and river turtles, giant alligators, manatees, ant eaters and armadillos which make up the rich fauna of the region and lend special colouring to the green of the forest. In Macapá, the waters of the Amazon river bathe on the beaches of Fazendinha and Araxá, which afford very good bathing.

Macapá, Amapá, Brazil Bisected by the Equator, Macapá retains some of the history of the region in its monuments. One of these is Sao Jose Fort, at the entrance to the city. Completed in 1782 after 18 years of labour by Indians and slaves, the Fort is an example of French influence on the culture of the area and one of the best preserved military monuments in Brazil.

The history of Amapá is also represented in the Church of Sao Jose de Macapá, which dates from 1761. It is the oldest monument in the city and is built in the sternest colonial style of the Jesuits. At the Casa do Artesão ceramics coated in manganese and indigenous art can be purchased as souvenirs. The beauty of indigenous artefacts can be seen in the weapons made from local wood and the variety of utensils and ornaments made with the teeth and bones of animals, feathers of birds, seeds and natural fibres.

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