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Antonio Carlos Jobim

Antonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim, or Tom Jobim for Brazilians, was born in Rio de Janeiro on January 25th 1927.
Pianist and maestro, Tom Jobim used his natural talent and erudite musical formation to compose highly sophisticated songs which, yet, became successful among populars, both in Brazil and internationally.
Since as a young child, Jobim played the guitarr; at age 13, he was attracted by the piano. He was already tutored by some of the best Brazilian teachers, when, in 1941, he became pupil of Hans-Joachim Koellreutter, a German who taught many Brazilian erudite musicians.
In 1941, he started to study Architecture, which he soon gave up to dedicate do music. He played in night clubs in Rio; in 1954, his first hit as a composer: Teresa da Praia, recorded by famous Brazilian singers Lucio Alves and Dick Farney.
In 1956, Vinicius de Moraes, another legend of Brazilian music, asked Tom Jobim to compose some songs for a theater play of his; Tom composed Se todas fossem iguais a voce and A Felicity, and started a long lasting relationship with Vinicius.
In 1959, Tom joined talents with another Brazilian legend, Joao Gilberto; Gilberto's album Chega de Saudade was the starting mark of bossa nova, the Brazilian rythm which gained the world. The songs that Jobim wrote for that album, Desafinado and Samba de Uma Nota So, paved the path for his international career.
In november of 1962, Tom Jobim peformed at the Bossa Nova Festival, in the Carnegie Hall. Next year, he recorded an album with sax player Stan Getz and, in 1967, he partnered with Frank Sinatra. Several of his songs were translated into English and appeared in the top lists: Eu sei que vou te amar, Garota de Ipanema, Aguas de Marco, Ela E Carioca and others.
In the 1990s, Tom wrote songs focused on Brazilian nature (Passarim, Urubu, etc), keeping the sophistication and adding orchestral effects.
Tom Jobim died on December 8th, 1994, in New York. Today, the international airport in Rio de Janeiro is named Antonio Carlos Jobim.

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