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Airport Galećo - Antonio Carlos Jobim

Airport code: GIG
Av. 20 de Janeiro s/nŗ - Ilha do Governador
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phone: (21) 3398-5050 - Fax: (21) 3393-2288
Distance from downtown: 20 km

The International Airport of Rio de Janeiro was formerly called Galećo. In 1998, Brazilians wanted to pay a tribute to Tom Jobim, one of the greatest musicians of the past century, who passed away in 1994. Bureaucracy makes it difficult to change the name of an international airport, so, the former Galećo was maintained, and now the airport is called International Airport Galećo - Antonio Carlos Jobim.

airport Galeao This is the most important gateway into Brazil. According to Embratur, about 40% of foreigner tourists coming to Brazil arrive in Rio de Janeiro, and the massive majority of them arrive via the Tom Jobim airport.

The Galećo is connected to every capital in Brazil, and also to 18 countries. The two terminals have capacity to serve 15 million passengers per year. The runway is the longest in Brazil, with 4,240 meters; the cargo terminal is also one of the biggest in the country.

Distant only 20 km from the city center, the aiport is served by express connections, like the Linha Amarela (Yellow Line), Linha Vermelha (Red Line) and Avenida Brasil, allowing easy commuting to all parts of the city.

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