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Hotels in Petrópolis

Bomtempo Resort. Tennis is the main feature of this resort: there are four clay courts, one roofed, as well as squash, peddle, football and volley courts. Also, there is a team for entertaining the children.

Fazenda das Videiras. Cozy chalets with skylights in the bathroom over the whirlpool tub. Children under 14 are not allowed.

Locanda della Mimosa. King size beds. The owner is the chef of a well regarded restaurant. Breakfast and afternon tea include. Children under 16 not allowed.

Pousada da Alcobaça. Ten rooms only. In cold nights, the heat of the fireplace is distributed by the ventilation system to all the premises. Facilities include pool, tennis court and sauna.

Tankamana. All chalets have heated towel racks, king sized beds, fireplaces, cable TV and video players. Archery and horseback riding instructors available at no extra cost. The restaurant specializes in trout.

Pousada das Aradas. The Macaws Inn. Located in a 15 hectare estate at the foot of the Atlantic Forest; there are trekking paths into the forest. Two swimming pools, one with natural and the other with treated water.

Pousada das Flores. Inn of Flowers. The garden has some 300 species of plants and flowers, especially hydrangeas, sunflowers and orchids. A bit distant from the town, good for people looking for quietness.

Casa do Sol Hotel. Home of the Sun Hotel.

Cheiro do Campo. Smell of the Fields.

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