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Area: 199.709 km2 ; Population: 9.564.643 (2000)
Official websites:; Tourist Board
Important newspapers: Gazeta do Povo; Jornal do Estado; All Online Newspapers of Paraná
Map of Parana; Paraná Information

Paraná, State of Brazil

"Land of all peoples" is how Paraná has been known since becoming a territory comprising more than 30 races. Poles, Italians, Germans, Ukrainians, Dutch, Syrian Lebanese, Jews, Japanese - all these and many more besides have adopted it as their own land and have put down roots there. Even without finding the gold that attracted the first adventurers, since the beginning of immigration they have dug out of the soil the wealth that, in time, turned the state into Brazil's fifth largest economy.

Important cities in Paraná

Bothanic Garden

Capital city: Curitiba.
List of all cities in Paraná.

Tourist Attractions and Events in Paraná

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