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Population: 16,956
Distances from main cities: Campo Grande 299 km; Dourados 253 km; Corumb 352 km; So Paulo 1201 km; Rio de Janeiro 1753 km.
Local holidays: 29th June, 2nd October

Arriving to Bonito

There are no airports. Easiest way to get to Bonito is going to Campo Grande then take BR-060, passing in Nioque and Jardim before reaching Bonito.

Tourism attractions in Bonito

Bonito is one of the main ecological destinations in Brazil. Bonito has a rare combination of crystaline rivers and lagoons, caves and forests. There is a huge variety of colorful fishes, which can be observed very closely.

Places to visit:
Gruta do Lago Azul (Grotto of Blue Lagoon). This is a calcareous cave, with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave was found in 1924, and since 1978 it was declared National Heritage.
Inside the cave, 340 meters from the entrance, there is the Blue Lagoon; the Blue Lagoon is 70 m deep and 120 m wide, with waters incredibly blue.
Best epoch to visit the Groot is from November to January, from 8h30 am to 9h00 am; during this short time frame, the sun rays reach the entrance of the cave, illuminating the interior.
Notice: access is forbidden for children under 5 y.o. There is an entrance fee of R$ 25 (2005).

Floating. The rivers of Bonito have a high concentration of calcareous; this has two effects useful for nature admirers: it facilitates the boyance and gives the water a high transparency (up to 30 meters, in some points).
The practice of floating consists in, wearing mask, snorkel and neoprene suit, to float on the surface of the water while being carried by the stream. The vision is of rare beauty: colorful fishes (piraputangas, dourados, pintados, piaus) and the rich underwater flora.
Shops and tour operators rent water proof cameras.
Best period for practice of floating is between June and September, the dry season, when the waters become more crystaline.

Diving. Bonito is the main destination in Brazil for diving in rivers and lagoons (for diving in sea water, Fernando de Noronha is more popular). There are specific points for people with different levels of experience (basic, advanced, certified).
The flooded caves, like Abismo Anhumas and Gruta do Mimoso, are exclusive for the more experienced divers. For beginers, there are introdutory courses on the rivers da Prata and Formoso.
In any case, the diving trips must be intermediated by tour operators; equipment is available for rent.

There are several other activies in Bonito, all related to eco tourism. The parks around the city have trails for trekking, usually ending in a waterfall or other landscape to be admired. Many caves and lagoons are also visited by trekkers.
There are shops offering products crafted by the indians of the tribe kadiwu, who live in the region.

Other hints about Bonito

Bonito has become very popular among Brazilians, and the interest by foreigners is steadly growing.
During the peak season (December through March and July), visits to the popular places like Grotto of Blue Lagoon must be booked very early (at least one month).
All visits must be guided by the tour operators. The tours operators are concentrated on the main avenue of Bonito, and practice all the same prices.
Bring mosquito repelent; if you are going to Bonito during the winter (June - September), a sweater or light coat is recommended (temperature falls after dust).

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