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Climate in Brasília

The graph below shows average temperature and accumulated precipitation along the year in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

Source of information: Brazilian Institute of Aerospace Research - Weather Forecast.

The orange line shows average temperature, in degrees Celsius; the blue bars show monthly accumulated precipitation, in milimeters of raining.
climate in Brasilia

The graph shows that:
1) Temperature oscilates around 22 degrees Celsius during Spring and Summer and around 19 degrees during the Winter. Notice that these are average temperatures; during the winter nights, the temperature may fall sharperly; wearing coats is necessary.
2) There is a well defined dry season, from May through September. Brasilia is distant from the sea, and the marine humidity doesn´t reach the city. Also, Brasilia was built in the middle of the cerrado, a kind of ecosystem which doesn´t cause condensation and precipitation of the air humidity.
During the winter, Brasilia is one of the driest cities in Brazil. The lack of humidity, combined with the dust from the cerrado which is permanently floating on the air may cause some respiratory discomfort.

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