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Universities in Brasilia, Brazil

Below, a list of universities and faculties in the Federal District of Brazil.

Public Universities

UnB - University of Brasilia. Brasília, differently from all other Brazilian States, doesn´t have a so called Federal University. The UnB is an administrative branch of the government of the Federal District, but much of its funding comes from the Federal budget. The UnB is one of the most well regarded Brazilian Universities.
Rio Branco Institute. Maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Brazil, this institute is devoted to the continuous qualification of Brazilian diplomats.

Private Institutions

CeUB - Centro Universitário de Brasília. Since 1970; one of the oldest in Brasília.
Catholic University of Brasilia. Main campus in Brasilia, advanced campus in Taguatinga.
União Pioneira de Integração Social. Since 1971.
Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal. This institution used to be called Associação de Ensino Unificado do Distrito Federal - AEUDF.
Faculdades Integradas do Planalto Central. Campi in the cities of Luziânia and Valparaíso. These cities are located in the region known as Entorno; this is the part of the State of Goiás which makes borders with the Federal District.
Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília. Institute of Superior Education.
Euroamericana.Despite the name, has no connections with any American or European institutions.

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