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Gilberto Silva

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The number of caps and number of goals mentioned below are as of May 15th 2006, when the Brazilian roster was announced.
The number after Caps represent the number of times the player was rostered, and, between parenthesis, the number of times he actually played.

Gilberto Silva
Gilberto Silva Full name: Gilberto Aparecido da Silva
Date of birth: October 7th 1976
Place of birth: Lagoa da Prata, Minas Gerais
Position: midfield
Height: 1.84 m
Clubs and teams: América-MG, Atlético-MG and Arsenal (England)
Caps: 51 (38)
Goals scored: 3
World Cups: 2002
Titles won: World Cup (2002)

Even though Gilberto Silva had played all matches in Korea and Japan, his presence in Germany is a surprise. He was good friends with ex-coach Luis Felipe Scolari, but played few times with Parreira.
In the 2002 Cup, he would be substitute of Emerson, who got injured a few days before the first match; Gilberto started as principal in the first match, showed confidence and competence, and remained in the team all through the tournament.
Right after the Cup, in August of 2002, he transferred to Arsenal, in England, who paid 4.5 million pounds. In September of 2002, in a game against PSV Eindhoven, Gilberto scored the quickest goal ever in the UEFA Champions League, at 19 seconds of match.

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