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The number of caps and number of goals mentioned below are as of May 15th 2006, when the Brazilian roster was announced.
The number after Caps represent the number of times the player was rostered, and, between parenthesis, the number of times he actually played.

Fred Full name: Frederico Chaves Guedes
Date of birth: October 3rd 1983
Place of birth: Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais
Position: center-forward
Height: 1.85 m
Clubs and teams: América-MG, Cruzeiro and Lyon (France)
Caps: 4 (3)
Goals scored: 2
World Cups: none
Titles won: none

Fred is the second youngest player of the team (only older than Robinho); he is also the one with fewest caps.
In 2005, he scored 40 goals in 43 matches. In April of 2005, he played the first match with the Brazilian team, in a friendly against Guatemala. In October, he transferred to Olympique Lyonnais, in France.
Fred has been successful in Lyon, where, playing alongside Juninho and Cris, he won the 2005/2006 French League.

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