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Weather in Belém, Brazil

The graph below shows average temperature and monthly accumulated precipitaion in the city of Belém, State of Pará, in the North of Brazil.

This graph was provided by the National Institute for Aerospatial Research, which monitors climate of Brazil.

The orange line shows average temperature, in degrees Celsius; the blue bars show precipitation levels, in milimeters of rain per month.
weather in Belem, Brazil

Belém is located always on the Line of Equator.
1) Temperature in Belém is high, with little variation along the year. Average temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius (about 79 Fahrenheit). Even during the somewhat colder months of February and March, the temperature doesn´t drop below 24 degrees.
2) There is a concentration of rain during the period January - May; the dry season goes from June to December, but even during this period there are sporadic showers in Belém.

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