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Brazil in a nutshell


Unemployment rates
unemployment rates

Total people employed
number of people employed

Workers, by gender
gender Light orange: total workers; Orange: men; Yellow: women

The number of working women grows faster than the number of working men

Number of weekly working hours
working hours Light orange: Agricultural Activities
Orange: Non-agricultural activities
According to Brazilian legislation, employees of the private sector should work 44 hours per week, and civil servants work 40 hours per week; over those limits, overtime salary rates apply

Employment status
employment status Each color represents a different year.
The six groups represent: Employees, In-house servants, Self Employed, Employers, Non-paid (includes housewives), Others

Salaries paid
salaries Bars show salaries in number of minimum wages.
About 24% of Brazilian workers are paid less than one minimum wage; half the population is paid up to two minimum wages; about 75% of the population is paid up to five minimum wages.
Last two bars refer to people without any salary and people who didn't declare their earnings.

Distribution of workers per economy sector
workers per sector Light orange: agriculture
Orange: industry
Yellow: commerce
Brown: services

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