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Brazil in a nutshell

Brazilian households

Total number of household is growing, in pace with the population

There is still migration towards urban areas
urban and rural households

A majority of Brazilians live in houses, as opposed to apartments
houses and apartments

Sewage is not universal
Data for Brazil and regions: North, Northeast, Southeast, South and MidWest.
Yellow bars: sewage system; Cyan bars: other means of discharge; Purple bars: No sewage at all
The Southeast has the most comprehensive system. More than half of households in MidWest are not served by the sewage system. In Northeast, more than 20% of households have no sewage service at all.

Access to basic utility services is slowly growing
Percentage of households with access to: Water suply; Sewage system; Wasting collection; Electricity; Telephones

Acquisition of household appliances is not growing
Percentage of households which own: Cooker, Water Filter (tap water is not drinkable in Brazil), Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing Machine, Radio and Television

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