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Brazil in a nutshell


The Brazilian population is still very uneducated; the graph below shows the distribution of the population according to the years of attendance to school. Yellow bars represent men, orange bars represent women.

Brazilian education - years attending school About 13% of Brazilian population has less than one year of school attendance; 15% have between one and three years.
More than 60% of the population has less than seven years of school attendance.
About 20% has more than 11 years of school attendance; eleven years is the duration of fundamental and intermediary courses in the Brazilian educational system.

Official rates of illiteracy are decreasing:
illiteracy Pink line represents people between 10 and 14 years of age; the blue line represents people older than 14 years.

Illiteracy among youths is decreasing faster, because of recently adopted education programmes for children. Read more

Illiteracy of adults is decreasing slower than of children.

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