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Internet in Brazil - Backbones

Research backbone
A backbone dedicated to universities and research centers is maintained by Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (National Network of Teaching and Research), more commonly referred to as RNP; visit the RNP website in English (there is also a version in Spanish).
RNP connects all the higher learning centers in Brazil, to promote exchange of educational information.

Commercial backbones
The biggest commercial backbone belongs to Embratel; this company used to be a State owned monopolistic with complete control over the long distance and international calls in Brazil, hence the large network. Embratel was privatized in 1998, bought by American based MCI; the network grew much, keeping the company still as the largest long distance carrier in Brazil. Take a look at the topology of Embratel network.
Embratel has a presence in all major Brazilian cities, multiple optical links to USA and one to Europe; this makes the company the largest router of internet packets in Brazil.
Telemar , which is today the largest phone company in Brazil, has a fast growing backbone structure. The company used to have legal geographical limits of actuation; knowing that the limits had a set date to finish, Telemar made investments to be able to be a player in internet business; click to get a PDF document with Telemar backbone structure.
Other companies with backbones infra-structures are GlobalOne and IBM; their networks, however, are geographically limited and cater mostly for private corporation routing.

The SERPRO network
Another structure worth mentioning is SERPRO's. This state owned company is responsible for the communication among almost all government agencies; some agencies, like the Tax Agency, handle massive amounts of data, and SERPRO does a good job.

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