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Santa Catarina

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flag of Santa Catarina
map of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Map of Santa Catarina

Capital: Florianópolis
Area: 199,709 km2
Important cities:Blumenau, Criciúma, Chapecó
Economy: industry, agriculture
Climate in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina
Important newspapers: A Noticia ; Santa ; Comprehensive list

Along with Parana and Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina is a state in temperated climate. Along with Sao Paulo, is a state which was named after a catholic saint.
The capital Florianópolis was founded in 1675; it is located in an island, connected to mainland by a bridge.
The first German village was founded in 1829, long before other regions began to attract imigrants; until today, several cities still keep the German culture and language alive.
The immigration was intensified around the turning of the century, and many Germans and Italians settled in the interior lands of Santa Catarina.

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