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flag of Rond˘nia
Flag of Rond˘nia
map of Rond˘nia, Brazil
Map of Rond˘nia

Capital: Porto Velho
Area: 238,512 km2
Important cities: Ji-Paranß, Ariquemes, Cacoal, Vilhena
Economy: agriculture and minerals

The name Rond˘nia is a tribute to CÔndido Rondon, who in the early 1900s laid telegraph lines untilthe western border of the Brazilian Amazon.
Two reasons have brought Rond˘nia to the headlines of newspapers in Brazil and the world: the fast development of what just a few decades ago was a region lost in the middle of the jungle, and the ecological problems that the development brings along.

Physical Geography Rond˘nia has cerrados in the middle of the jungle

History The opening of a road changed the History of Rond˘nia

Travel to Rond˘nia Travel and cultural information about Rond˘nia and cities.

Economy and Infrastructure The new agricultural frontier of Brazil

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Latest News Recent information about Rond˘nia, Porto Velho and the region

Read also: Rond˘nia Web. Information about some cities of Rond˘nia, written by Professor James Hayes-Bohanan, from Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts.

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