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flag of Maranhão
Flag of Maranhão
map of Maranhão, Brazil
Map of Maranhão

Capital: São Luís
Area: 333,365 km2
Important cities: Imperatriz, Caxias, Alcântara
Economy: agriculture, aluminium industry, babaçu

French and Dutch, attracted by the beauties and wealthiness of Maranhão, once occupied the city of São Luís, and left reports of their impressions.
Maranhão, despite being still one of the poorest States in Brazil, is also one with faster growing.
Brazilian have recently discovered the charm of São Luís and the unique beauties of the Lençóis, a desertic area filled with ponds.
In Brazil, talking about Maranhão is talking about Sarney, of the strongest families in the oligarchies of Brazilian northeast.

Physical Geography A combination of forests and beaches

History São Luís was founded by the French

Travel to Maranhão Information about culture and tourism attractions in Maranhão: São Luís, Lençóis, etc.

Economy and Infrastructure Babaçu and aluminum

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Latest News about Maranhão Recent information about the state of Maranhão

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