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Goiás, Brazil

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flag of Goias
Flag of Goiás
map of Goiás, Brazil
Map of Goiás

Capital: Goiânia
Area: 341,289 km2
Important cities: Anápolis, Luziânia
Economy: agriculture, cattle

Climate in Goiania, Goias
Important newspapers: Diario da Manhã

Goiás is located in central Brazil. The state has plenty of free space, which are utilized for intensive agriculture and extensive cattle breeding.
Goiás is another state that the Brazilians owe to the bandeirantes. One of the most famous bandeirantes, Bartolomeu Bueno da Silveira, led an expedition which found a rich vein of gold in Goiás, in 1727; the mines were explored until around 1850.
After the gold was gone, the region began to make use of the land for agriculture. The capital, Goiânia, was founded in 1935, and in 1956, Brasília, which would become the new federal capital, began to be built; with the new cities, came new roads, which helped expand the agro-business.
In 1998, the north of Goiás became a new state, Tocantins.

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