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Alagoas - Brazil

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flag of Alagoas
Flag of Alagoas
map of Alagoas, Brazil
Map of Alagoas

Capital: Maceió
Area: 27,933 km2
Population: 2,822,621 (census 2000)
Important cities: Arapiraca, Palmeira dos Índios, União dos Palmares, Rio Largo

One of the smallest States of Brazil, in area.
Since colonial times, life in Alagoas has been gravitating around the large plantations of sugar cane; the same product which made the State prosper was the cause of its stagnation.

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Physical Geography The name is a reference to the plenty of lagoons which exist in the State (lagoa = lagoon)

History Zumbi dos Palmares, the icon of Brazilian blacks, reigned here.

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Economy and Infrastructure Sugar cane is still important

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