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ACRE - Brazil

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flag of Acre
map of Acre, Brazil
Map of Acre

Capital: Rio Branco
Area: 153,149 km2
Population: 557,226 (2000)
Important cities: Cruzeiro do Sul, Tarauacá, Sena Madureira, Brasiléia
Important newspapers: O Estado do Acre

Acre is in the far west side of Brazil, covered by the Amazon forest. Difficulties of access and tough living conditions cause the State to be scarcely populated; more than half of population is concentrated on only two cities, the capital Rio Branco and Cruzeiro do Sul; extractivism of natural resources (particularly rubber) is the main economic occupation.
Rivers are the main means of transportation. Almost all cities were built by the banks of a river; roads between smaller cities are often non-existant or are in very bad conditions; moving between them can take several days of walking (during the wet seasons, cities are completely isolated).
Public Health infrastructure is very poor. Only Rio Branco has piped water, and no city in Acre (including Rio Branco) has a sewage system. Disenteria and malaria are main causa mortis of children.

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Physical Geography Acre is covered by the Amazon forest

History Acre was the last State to be incorporated to Brazilian territory

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