Hotels in Morro de Sao Paulo, Bahia

Hotels, resorts and pousadas in Morro de Sao Paulo

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Below, links to hotels in the beach city of Morro de Sao Paulo, important beach in the State of Bahia.

See also: hotels in Salvador and hotels in Porto Seguro.

Hotels in Morro de Sao Paulo

»Catavento Praia Hotel. This hotel is located on a quiet spot, far from the hubbub of the village. Guests are welcomed at the dock or at the runway, and there's a regular shuttle service to the village. The rooms are spacious, with king size beds, and the leisure area has a collection of toys and a large ool Heliport available.

Morro de São Paulo beaches »Hotel Fazenda Vila Guaiamu. This hotel sits on a crab conservation area. The guaiamums can be seen in the garden (guaiamum is a kind of crabs which live in rivers; unlike crabs, guaiamuns may be fed while in captivation). The rooms are spacious and rustic, with windows, balconies and hammocks. Used to be closed in May and June, check before you go - open for the World Cup 2014.

»Patachocas Eco Resort. On an old farm by the sea, this resort offers transfers from Salvador (the hotels has its own airport) or Valença, and to the village. The bungalows, with a verandah and hammock, are located alongside coconut alleys.

»Hotel Portaló. Standing near the docks and the historical Portaló, the 18th century arch at the town's entrace, the hotel stretches along the sides of a hill. It overlooks the ocean and the islands. There are hair dryers, bathrobes and whirlpool tubs in the master chalets. The massage kiosk on the deck offers an ocean view.

»Porto do Zimbo Hotel Resort. This hotel faces rock pools and possesses gardens full of coconut trees and piassava thatched walkways. Some rooms have whirlpool tub, enhancing the general troic atmosphere. Each room is equipped with hair dryer, cordless phone with answering machine and CD player.

»Pousada Charme. The inn's common area faces the village's busiest spot, and rooms scattered on the side of a hill have a beautiful ocean view. One of the rooms has an outdoor whirlpool tu b and is ideal for couples.

»Farm Hotel Caeira. This 617-acre coconut farm has a runway, pastures and some Atlantic Rainforest. The hotel sits by the sea an has gardens, extensive lawns, and colonial style decor. Closed in May and June.

»Praia do Encanto. The distance from the village (6 km, 3.7 miles) may be a disadvantage, but this is offset by the access to the rock pools and by the tranquility of the setting, which is surrounded by 247 acres of forest. The service is good, and lodgings are simple, in rooms and chalets. Leisure options include kayaks, bikes and horses. Closed in June.

»Villa das Pedras. This inn has a garden and a pool by the beach. There's a fashionable plaza adjoining the inn, with boutiques and a cachaçaria, serving fine varieties of cachaça. The rooms are simple, with access through walkways on the sand floor.